Short Term Car Insurance and Thumb Chowder

After picking up some new short term car insurance from my short term car insurance store, I drove downtown to get a bite to eat. It was a nice, sunny day and I noticed more foot traffic than normal. Main Street was really hoppin’ this fine, summer day and I was in a good mood. I had been thinking about clam chowder all morning, so I pulled up in front of Frank’s Chowder and parked the car.

I’ve been going to Frank’s since I was a small child and always ordered the same thing – a bowl of chowder and a glass of lemonade. Today would be no exception as Frank merely asked me if I wanted “the usual”. I nodded in agreement as I scanned the newspaper that had been left on the counter. I read the help wanted section, hoping to find a better job than the one I currently had. There’s nothing wrong with trimming the hooves of pampered llamas owned by elite politicians, but I wanted more. I have two Master degrees and have been working on my PHD for over a year, but jobs have been scarce and seem to be getting scarcer.

Frank arrived back at my counter seat with my chowder and lemonade and walked away. I tucked the napkin into my shirt collar and dug into the creamy treat. I noticed the clams were larger than normal and this brought a smile to my face. As I continued eating, I bit into a huge clam and had to remove it from my mouth with my fingers. I looked at the clam and noticed it had a fingernail attached. I called Frank over and showed him the clam. He explained it wasn’t a clam, but his right thumb. I continued eating as he told me a story.

The price of clams had more than tripled in the last year and he was forced to cut off his fingers, dice them up and mix them in the chowder. He held up his hands to show he only had two fingers and one thumb left. His right hand had a fresh bloody bandage where his thumb should be. He explained he gave me the meaty thumb because I was a long-time customer and he appreciated my business.

I have to admit, it was the best chowder I’ve ever had and quickly emptied the bowl. The fact that Frank had saved one of his precious thumbs just for me, made me quite proud. I paid the bill, left a generous tip and headed home.

I passed the short term car insurance place where I bought my short term car insurance and made a right turn. As I pulled into the driveway I let out a loud burp. It brought back memories of my youth.


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